Before winter break we had decided and planned a new and ambitious build schedule that would allow us to get the car ready to run earlier than ever giving us more time to test! To complete this goal many students gave up their first weeks of winter break to disassemble the car. Now that its completely disassembled, the hard work begins. We'll be cleaning all our parts and assessing what needs replacing, and also learning from last year to redesign and replaces certain parts, such as our shifter). We'll also be ordering our electrical components soon! How exciting. First day back and we're ready to get going to meet our March 4th deadline!
8/30/2012 18:29:16

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joseph aidan


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3/31/2013 20:09:00

Test driving before the roads rash is a very good thing. It’s nice that all the parts are tried to be kept clean and checked to be perfect before introducing it into the racing ground. You guys are doing a great job, after the winter break all these things are a must.

9/5/2013 13:12:36

Where can I find out when this was posted?


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