After the stressful technical inspections on Monday and Tuesday we did quite well today and breezed through the rest of our inspections and then completed our acceleration and autocross events with respectable times.  The official times have not been posted yet, but its looking like we should be in the top 5 out of around 23 schools.  Considering this is our first year we are very pleased and our data logging system is already providing us with extremely valuable data for optimizing our system for next year. 

The fastest track time on autocross was about 41 seconds and ours was 47 seconds.  The fastest times were set by the Italian team and Texas A&M.  There were probably 3 to 4 schools ahead of us in that gap.  Unfortunately, I got a little hot on the throttle and spun out on my second run, but Ace (our other driver) kept the car in control and secured the 47 second lap time.  We feel like our car could have performed significantly better, but with our limited driving experience we did our best.

I'll post some pics here, but check the gallery too for other pictures and videos.

The second evening at the track
Getting ready for our acceleration runs
Ace finishing his first run in autocross
5/6/2010 08:24:13

Matt, Davis Team,
It looks like you guys are doing a great job and having a great time. Once I finally figured out the "Blog" link provided your updates, I enjoyed checking out your status updates. I'm now tracking results on the Formula Hybrid website through their Twitter link so I can get minute by minute updates. Good luck today and I'll look forward to hearing all about this once you return. - Ned


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