This has to be the most underestimated component on our car.  We figured that this box would be designed in about a week and then fabricated in another one or two weeks.  We could not have been any more wrong!  It has almost been two months now and it is just now coming upon completion.  The main reason for the large time requirement turned out to be from the many safety constraints on the materials selection for the box.  The ideal material would be one that is non-conductive, flame retardant, and mechanically robust.  Finding one material that is economical and easy  to work with while meeting the previous requirements turned out to be the greatest difficulty.  

In the end we chose a composite design in which the container is made from aluminum and then lined with multiple sheets of Nomex cloth to achieve the flame resistance and non-cunductive properties desired.  As with all of our designs weight saving was key and this design met that criteria best while having a great safety performance as well.

Overall we are extremely pleased with the outcome of the box.
7/22/2012 18:22:21

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