This year FH3 has decided to push ourselves to complete the car faster than ever! We've set an ambitious deadline of MARCH 4TH to have the car running (at least on gas) so that we may begin testing. Such an early deadline has never been set in UC Davis Formula Hybrid history! To meet this deadline we've created a fast paced and demanding build schedule. Take a look at it by hovering over FH3 and selecting it in the drop down menu.
Today the team went to Driven Raceway to do a series of three races to determine our drivers! It was a great way for the team to bond and have a great time together outside the shop. We selected chassis team lead Eric Joya to be one of the drivers. He held a steady first place over the course of all his laps at the track. Also Kyle Gayman, a sophomore with driving experience, had the top time at the track for the week! We're excited to say that Eric will be driving at competition and Kyle has agreed to help coach the drivers we select!

Once again many thanks to Driven Raceway for allowing us to use their track and cars to conduct our driver selections!
On December 10th, 12 members of the team will go to Driven Raceway to do a tournament-style competition in order to select the three drivers that will drive the car in completion. The sign up email was just sent out an hour ago, let's see who our lucky 12 are. Sign up is on a first come first serve basis. We already have 7 people on the list 5 more spots to go!!

A big thank you to Driven Raceway for sponsoring the team and allowing us to do these races on the 10th. To take a look at the tracks we will be racing click the link below.

Race tracks!
The Chassis Team this year is headed up by Brett Stephens.
    We've decided to reuse the Chassis that was fabricated last year (for FH2), but are in the process of some research and testing to make some modifications for FH3.  We are working on composing a spreadsheet which documents different weight transfers (during braking, turning, etc.) and performing some basic calculations on in order to see what road forces result during these events. This data will be used for the new front upright design. To make these analysis, some programs are also being tested and looked at to suit our purposes. And lastly, new A- arms are being designed and will be fabricated soon. The Chassis Team has been able to accomplish a lot in the past few months!