In preparation for the first day of competition tomorrow the team is up at 7AM (yes east coast time) to get ready to work! Throughout the day the team made last minute finishing touches on the mechanical side as well as finishing up some of the wiring for he electrical side. Over all it was a very productive day. Take a look at some of the pictures we snapped while working!
Working hard roadside. Using our west coast advantage to work until 4AM while getting up early like the rest of them!
Working, Learning, and Having Fun!
Working hard as we all learn more about the car
Almost all of us are here for our first night in New Hampshire and it is COLD! Much colder than we expected, but the team is still hard at work in the cold organizing and unpacking the trailer. We plan to have a very productive day tomorrow getting ready for the start of competition on Monday. That's it for today. Tomorrow will be a new very productive
What's exciting in Missouri?  FH3 found out as the boys took our precious cargo from Texas through Missouri while we all slept in our beds.
Another early morning as the boys drive around the clock to get to Boston in time to meet the rest of us
yes, it does say "Okie Boy" on his truck... Oklahoma Fan Boy?
A Trucker's Paradise
Off to meet the Simpsons!
Stay tuned! We'll recap the boy's journey through out the day. Don't forget to check out our facebook for up to the minute updates about the car, the drivers, and the rest of the team that's flying!
Where has FH3 gone today?

10 AM: Arizona.... full of nothing. Sadly the boys have nothing interesting to look at yet
12 PM finally something to look at in Arizona.!
The Endless Road Ahead, not quite 1/3 there yet....
4PM: Sandstorm!! There's so many of them the road is all hidden!
In TEXAS since 7PM. That cross over there out in the distance.... yeah, that would be the base of a twister. NO STORM CHASING BOYS!!
Stay tuned as we recap what trouble  FH3 has gotten into since she's left us. For even more pictures daily visit our facebook!
After many long days the car has finally left our hands and is making her long journey across the country. Stay tuned here and on our facebook for updates about where the car and the drivers are!
Picnic day here we come! We had a great time spending the day with the car and all the wonderful people that came to talk to us about competition and the car this year. (Those gold A arms.... *sigh*) Anyway, don't forget the car will leave Wednesday just 4 days away! Competition is fast approaching with the team flying out in a week. She looks good don't you think?
Thanks to Martin Wong for taking such a great picture!
the car at least. One week before she leaves and she's all back to the basics. But don't worry we have confidence that she'll be all put back together for Picnic Day on Saturday.
First day out practicing at the Mondavi Center, the car was great! Thanks to all of those who helped us spot for cars while all our drivers took it on a test run.

Things we learned about driving FH3

1) she's heavy with those sexy curves you just can't help but love
2) the carburetor needs to be adjusted
3)Our drivers were amazing!

Our divers learned that handling FH3 is a much bigger workout than they ever anticipated they are going to the gym for training. Build up those muscles boys!
Back from spring break, what to do now? Work on the car, of course! Competition season is closing in and there is still much to be done. Excitingly, we are looking to have our first drive test this weekend! hopefully we'll have some video up soon!
April Fools! not. Its still the last day of Spring Break.

Yesterday was the last day of break to put work into the car, a big thank you to the engineers who gave up their breaks to get the car running the way we want! 

Yes! I said running. The car is now running and we've conducted several driving tests. In the coming weeks we will continue to test the car before we do one final overhaul to paint and ship the car across the country. Competition is fast approaching and the UC Davis Formula Hybrid Team is in good shape!