Today we had our last day of work before Spring break next week. Yes, that means this week is FINALS WEEK! A big thank you to the dedicated engineers who gave up time today and over the precious weekend before finals to work on the car!

Alejandro H
Alajandro Z
Jon R
David L
Edward L
Lucas B
Richard C
Nick H
Did you see us in the paper yesterday? If you missed it click for a link to the article.

Take a look at our amazing car and the engineers that created her. Learn more about the team and what it means to be part of a student organization like the UC Davis Formula Hybrid team!
Continuing on with our push to use the media to help spread the word and gain more sponsorship, the Davis Enterprise will be coming today to learn more about the team. They'd already done some interviews over the phone with key members. The Davis Enterprise is the general-circulation newspaper of Davis. It is published Tuesday - Friday and also Sundays. This is the official legal newspaper for the City of Davis and Yolo County. We're very fortunate and excited for them to come and visit us! Look for us!
If you've been keeping an eye out on our website you'll notice a newly linked page to FH3. Its our gallery! We've finally been able to get some good pictures to put up that show great progress on vehicle and the hard working engineers that make it possible. A big thank you to Dani Galietti for helping us take the fantastic pictures showcased in our gallery. Dani is a Masters student here at UC Davis studying art. She also TA's several classes so we are very fortunate and happy that she could make time in her busy schedule to come help us take some pictures. They're better than we could have done ourselves. Thank you Dani!
New and exciting for this year we are turning to the media to help us spread the news about our amazing club. The Sacramento Bee came today very willing and happy to help us raise awareness about our club and to help us attain more sponsorship for this year. We were fortunate to have Mark Glover, a reporter from the Sacramento Bee come and interview us for the newspaper. In addition to the interview, many photos were taken by a Sacramento Bee photographer. You can find the article and pictures on the front page of the business section Sunday March 18th. Keep a look out for us!
Congratulations to us!! We now have a rolling chassis!

A big thank you to the people who have been putting in so many hours to meet this BIG milestone.

Team Captain: Alejandro H.
Lead Fabricators: Alejandro Z. and Jon
Members: Nick, Edward, David, Andy

We couldn't have done it without you!