Results of Drives Selection! Once again a big thank you to Driven Raceway for sponsoring the team and allowing us to hold our races there. Not only did they allow us to race there they  opened early for us so that we could have the track to ourselves. How nice is that?

Anyways, onto the results.

First place: Suspension team lead Brett Stephens
Second place: Edward Lara
Third place: Nick Hori
and honorable mention: Martin Ward for having the most consistent top times in all his races!

Our drivers did great two of our drivers, Brett and Edward got 1st and 2nd respectively on Driven Raceway's Best Times of the week. Martin got 5th and Nick 9th.

Congratulations everyone!
Its about time for an FH3 group picture wouldn't you say? Check out the header on our people's page to take a look at the dedicated engineers of FH3.

For competition as much as we'd love to be able to take all our hard working members with us we won't be able to. We've decided that we will cut that list to 12 max. Names will be released as soon as final decisions have been made. However we're excited to announce that we will be attending UC Irvine's Energy Invitational on May 20th. Since this competition will be so much closer to home we've decided that any member who did not get to attend the SAE Formula Hybrid competition in New Hampshire will be able to come along with us and experience a competition first hand!
Driver Selections round 1 was such a hit with our team members that we've decided to do it again. Even those of us who did not have great lap lap times (like me) still really enjoyed spending time with members outside the shop! Also there were many members who wanted to come but couldn't make it last time, for these reasons we'll be holding a Driver Selection Round 2. Once again we'll be conducting these races at Driven Raceway. A BIG thank you to Driven Raceway for their continued support and sponsorship of our team, your help and support is much appreciated

At competition we do need at least two drivers, with our first pick Eric Joya taking the first spot I wonder who will emerge as a speed demon this time around?

This time we will have 12 students competing:
Team Captain: Alejandro Hernandez
Suspension Team Lead: Brett Stephens
Business Manager: Diego Garcia
Team Members:  Edward Lara
                                Jay Chou
                                Juan Jara
                                Juan Sanchez Garcia
                                Lucas Bolster
                                Martin Ward
                                Nick Hori
                                Waqas Saeed

and of course myself! Stay tuned for the results!
Progress on the car is coming along great! Many students are putting in more hours than ever into FH3. We are in the shop fabricating and in our Formula Hybrid room designing EVERY NIGHT from 5-8pm as well as Saturdays from 9am-3pm. With such dedicated students its no wonder companies like to recruit from student teams like us. Just this week resumes from 9 students on the team were sent to Renovo Motors, a new company expanding in the high performance electric vehicle market. Cross your fingers! We hope many of our students get interviews!

If you'd like to join our team stop by the student shop in Bainer Hall any night from 5-8pm or Saturdays from 9am-3pm.
If you'd like to recruit from our team send us an email at