We have finally arrived, no major incidents. It appears that BYU and possibly UTA are also staying at the same hotel we are at (Fairfield Inn). We also passed/were passed by MSOE en route to Concord, in New Hampshire.
Truck, trailer, and both cars arrived safely. Time to catch up on sleep.
I think I've lost track of the time, as it really isn't day 4. Only 60 or so hours have passed, so really it's still part of Day 3. Regardless, I shall continue this numbering scheme.
Steak n' Shake in Missouri. They need to bring these to California.
We have passed through Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and we are now crossing Pennsylvania. Hopefully we'll make it to New Hampshire tonight. 530 miles to go.
We stopped by Texas for breakfast then departed for Oklahoma. We are now currently in I-44 headed towards Missouri.

Did you know that Yukon, Oklahoma is the hometown to Garth Brooks? We didn't; and there's a street named after him:
The tow rig is getting an average of 6 mpg, for those wondering.
I am updating this on the road via 3g wireless internet, consistent news feed may be difficult.

We departed from SJSU late on the 26th and have been on the road since. Having passed through California and most recently Arizona, we are now currently in the middle of New Mexico, hoping to arrive in Ohio in the next few hours. Everything so far has been good, no major snags or accidents.

Here's a few pictures from our stop in Flagstaff, Arizona:
Team captain Matt quite dead after his long driving stint.
We got our own sleeper cab, just like those big semi's.
Found in a nearby parking lot.
More updates coming soon. Alternatively you can follow SJSU's twitter feed for additional location updates.
Updates for the Formula Hybrid 2011 competition will be posted in this blog.
_Here's a small update to make up for the previous lack of updates. This video was shot at Kleenspeed Technologies Inc. They graciously invited us down to use their facility to do some testing and also loaned us their fancy video camera. The video was made in response to the 2007 UC Davis Formula SAE recruitment video. The cars are the same chassis, different powertrains, but both were equally successful.
The 2007 recruitment video used a song from Prodigy (Firestarter, to be exact). This video was made around a remix of Prodigy's song, Voodoo People, done by Pendulum. Hope you enjoy.

_We have had a few setbacks and breakthroughs; I have changed our schedule accordingly and as you can see we are at the panic stage.

There are a lot of things happening but I can confidently say that our car runs. Expect a large blog update and a number of website updates in these next two weeks before we head out to the East Coast for competition.