Well, competition has been quite busy and tiring so far.  We finally passed through both the mechanical and electrical technical inspections at about 5 pm today. 
The electrical inspection went quite smoothly thanks mostly to the great design that Justin has done for us.  The wiring was extremely well isolated and tidy making this inspection a breeze.
Mechanical inspection, on the other hand took us a while to get through.  Unfortunately, the shoulder harness mounting bar was not up to spec with new rules so we had to weld in some tubes.  This was difficult because of the lack of proper equipment.  Fortunately, the other teams have been so great in sharing their tools allowing for us to finish this up. 

Tomorrow we will need to finish up the tilt test and noise test and then we will be fully through the inspections.  After that the racing will begin.  First are the acceleration and brake events and then later in the day will be the autocross race.

Check out some new photos from comp!
Just setting up in the NASCAR garages
The three Cali teams!
Look at all the other schools
Jae Wan
5/5/2010 21:44:01

I am so prooud of you guys!
Go UC Davis!

Jae Wan


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