This year we're introducing a tri captain team! This will help us keep balance and keep us from having too many leaders.

Electrical Captain: Nick Hori
Nick is an entering Junior her at Davis majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Last year Nick was instrumental during our fabrication phase, he's also been invaluable as during the design phase over the summer. We're happy to have him this year leading our electrical team, bringing a strong mechanical and fabrication background to ensure things are made well.

Mechanical Captain: Lucas Bolster
Lucas is an entering Junior majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Last year, Lucas worked mainly on the business side of the team, but with two years of team experience under his belt he's tackling the mechanical team this year. His experience both as an ME and as a member of the business team are invaluable in his leadership of the mechanical team this year. Lucas also went to competition last year and his competition experience will be a great asset when we go once again this year.

Business Captain: Victoria Wan
Victoria is an entering fourth year majoring in Mechanical Engineering as well. She has a passion for project management especially for engineering projects. This will be her second year on the team, and we're excited to have her back. As last year's General Manager she was instrumental in helping us run the logistics of our team. This year she'll be bringing last years experience and adding on the monumental task of raising enough money to fund two cars!

That's a small look into each of the Captains this year. To get involved with the team or even just have a chat with our captains feel free to email!


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