Where has FH3 gone today?

10 AM: Arizona.... full of nothing. Sadly the boys have nothing interesting to look at yet
12 PM finally something to look at in Arizona.!
The Endless Road Ahead, not quite 1/3 there yet....
4PM: Sandstorm!! There's so many of them the road is all hidden!
In TEXAS since 7PM. That cross over there out in the distance.... yeah, that would be the base of a twister. NO STORM CHASING BOYS!!
Stay tuned as we recap what trouble  FH3 has gotten into since she's left us. For even more pictures daily visit our facebook!


05/18/2012 07:54

The shots are amazing! Is that Sedona Mountain or the red mountain? Anyway, the rule of thirds was perfectly executed on this one. Road trips can be a little boring when there’s nothing interesting to look at, but along the way, there are great things that you might see that would make the whole experience worth it!


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